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Birthday Party for Dr. Seuss

*I have another post for 2017's Birthday Party for Dr. Seuss, with more games and decorations, posted here.**

For Read Across America Day, we threw a birthday party for Dr. Seuss, which got over 100 people in the library. Y'all better check something out!

I made use of the free font Grinched.

For games, we had Pin the Hat on the Cat:

pin the hat on the cat

And Put the Things Back in the Box (I got the idea here).

thing clothespins
put the things back in the box

An actual box instead of a tin may have been a little quieter.

Said the shushing librarian.

green eggs rhyme matching

For crafts, we made a Sneetch with accordion limbs and a Lorax mustache on a popsicle stick.

dr seuss crafts

For snacks, there was Hop on Pop popcorn:

hop on pop popcorn

Pink Yink Ink lemonade, and Goldfish crackers, both from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish:

dr seuss snacks

And, of course, there was cake:

Dr Seuss cake

The edible cake strips were from Etsy, and I also had cupcakes with Dr. Seuss toppers. The cake topper was a last minute thing because the cake needed it--I just printed it out, attached it to two toothpicks and stuck in on top.

Dr Seuss cupcakes

The photo prop I inherited from the last Children's Librarian, who had a friend draw it:

cat in the hat photo prop

Guests could also vote for their favorite Dr. Seuss book. The winner was Green Eggs and Ham!

dr seuss bulletin board

My aunts (who are teachers) let me borrow their homemade Cat in the Hat door cover, which looks awesome. It made an excellent addition to the decor:

cat in the hat door cover

And put up all my Seuss posters and bulletin board cut outs:

dr seuss decorations

Aaaand I put some feet walking up the ramp to the conference room door, à la The Foot Book.

dr seuss feet

Before the kids left, they got a treat bag. They were filled with Dr. Seuss pencils, a Cat in the Hat-themed box of 4 crayons, Dr. Seuss bookmarks, and some mini coloring pages. Seuss loot.

dr seuss treat bags

dr seuss party favors



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