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Spy Night

spy night at the library

For Spy Night, we put on disguises, played some spy games, and then watched the movie Spy Kids and ate popcorn.

spy activities

Upon arrival, spies would put on their sunglasses and fake mustaches and have their fingerprints taken. They could also make a name badge and give themselves a secret identity. Spy books were on display. The Secret Agent ID and fingerprint cards were printables from this blog.

They were then free to move around to the games. In the Minefield game, they had to collect the priceless teapot from the other end of the box without knocking out any balloon "mines"

minefield game

I also cabbaged on this printable secret decoder wheel and made up some jokes and questions for the spies to decode. Photographic evidence as follows:


secret message center

I don't have a picture, but I also did a memory game with various small objects on a tray that they would look at, then cover with a bandana, and then list all they could remember. I pulled a hourglass timer out of a board game to use with that game.

But hands down the most popular game was the Laser Maze, Chrono Bomb. This game has string that you clip onto chairs, tables, or, in our case, bookshelves, which is connected to dynamite with a timer on it. If you hit the "laser" string or don't detonate the bomb before the timer runs out, it makes an explosion sound. I set it up down one aisle of books. They kids went through multiple times, trying to beat their time. Then they wanted to move the string around to make a new maze--even when it was time for the movie, some kids opted to keep playing with it upstairs.

dynamite game

I had our IT guy be the model for our body outline, which turned out to be a good photo op.

body outline

He looks just like that.

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