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Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

We were late in celebrating the 150th anniversary, but I still wanted to do something. So, tea party it was.

alice in wonderland invitation

For the entrance, I covered the door and walls in black bulletin board paper and decorated with print outs of Alice pictures and images I cut with the library's Cricut. I had a deck of playing cards that had a floral print on the back that looked perfect for Alice in Wonderland--I taped them to some clear fishing line, tied it around a push pin, and stuck them in our ceiling tile. I drew the keyhole shape with masking tape.

alice in wonderland entrance

Harsh lighting.

wonderland door

I had the oldest Alice in Wonderland film (from 1903!) playing on the projector. The music gave an eerie feel to coming through the keyhole.

The "tea" was fruit punch, which we drank out of plastic tea cups. We had three long tables set up with mismatched tablecloths and tea pots. I made these playing card Rice Krispies Treats as well. (Store-bought Rice Krispies Treats with red icing piped on. I printed out the card faces from this site, cropped just the face and resized it to 1.742"x1.89". I taped the face to a toothpick and stuck in the top of the Rice Krispie.)

card soldier rice krispies

I was inspired by this blog.

alice in wonderland food

Along one wall I put up some whimsical trees, made from construction paper and bulletin board paper. I added white roses and attached some red crayons with yarn to the trees so the young'ns could paint the roses red. I found my white roses here.

painting the roses red

alice in wonderland trees

paint the roses red game

alice in wonderland party game

I was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest to turn a big box into Alice's shrinking room. I made the fireplace out of cardboard, hot glue, and construction paper. I found the tiny plant at the Dollar Tree, and hot glued a square of fabric around a small dowel rod for the window.

cardboard box room

Roughly the size of my apartment.

It was a well used photo op at the event. Here is my nephew modeling:

shrinking room

Also for pictures I made some Alice in Wonderland-themed photo props.

alice in wonderland photo props

I originally ordered an Alice in Wonderland pop-up book from Amazon for a prize (whoever had a white rabbit under their chair was going to win it), but when it arrived, it was badly torn and beyond repair. So I just set it out as a display. It worked out.

alice in wonderland photo booth

We also had a pack of giant playing cards that I put up for decoration.

alice in wonderland library event

For a craft, I found some tiny white top hat party favor boxes on Oriental Trading. I set up the Mad Hatter's Hat Shoppe and let the kids decorate them.

mad hatter's hat shoppe

mad hatter craft

I downloaded the Red Queen's Mini Croquet Game and set it up on another table.

queen's tabletop croquet
red queen's croquet

But I used print outs of playing card soldiers taped to some cardstock instead of pipe cleaners. And I added a hedgehog to the ping pong ball.

flamingo croquet

I also made a Playing Card Soldier bean bag toss. Again, I used the card soldier printable from this link. I just enlarged it and cut out the face and hearts.

playing card soldier bean bag toss

And I set up our giant chess set in the corner.

giant chess

I also put several passages from the book on the walls and accompanying each activity. Yay words!

And for the record, I'm aware that the title is actually Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I had some internal conflict about it, but it got shortened for poster and speaking purposes. I mean "adventures" is a whole three extra syllables. Get off my back.


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