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American Girl Halloween Masks

American Girl masks

One of our Halloween activities was for girls to come decorate matching masks for themselves and their American Girl/My Life As/Our Generation (or any 18-inch) doll. They could also take home a doll-sized library card and book at this event.

Masks were black craft foam and could be embellished with sequins, beads, pompoms, feathers, and Crayola metallic markers, which worked really well on the black.

I uploaded this mask to the library's Cricut:

mask template

I sized the doll masks at 4.6" wide and 1.88" long, and girl masks at 6.7"x2.72". I had to unlock the proportions to get the size I wanted.

I used black craft foam, which cut fine on the Cricut's custom setting for foam. Once the masks were cut out, I hot glued some elastic on each side of the back for the straps.

Embellishments included feathers, rhinestones, tiny pompoms, sequins, glitter, metallic markers, bows, and flowers leftover from the Kentucky Derby hats. I had little piles of each set out on the tables. Except for the glitter--I had a separate "Glitter Station" set up to try to keep the mess down.

doll mask decorating

Here are some examples from the activity:

girl and doll masks

masquerade mask DIY

american girl doll mask

Some Seussian flair

doll mask craft

This was done with the Crayola metallic markers.

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