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Halloween Story Time

We had a special toddler Story Time for Halloween. I cut the usual two books to just one (Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligott) so we could get to the fun stuff. Besides, it was hard to focus on the book when there was a piñata hanging in the corner.

jack-o-lantern pinata

This piñata was way too stout. All the kids had at least one turn at whacking it. I even let a couple of the little boys wail on it, and no one could break it. And we had a legitimate Louisville slugger T-ball bat! The library director eventually stepped in to save the say. In spite of this, I don't know if I wouldn't recommend a story time piñata...I mean, the kids still REALLY enjoyed it.

After the piñata we made masks from Oriental Trading craft kits. I played Halloween music which resulted in an impromptu dance party. I also had cupcakes, chips, and juice.

halloween cupcakes

Since I told all the kids to wear their costumes, I wanted to have a good photo backdrop. I made use of this free banner printable and photo props and set up a table. The library already had the pumpkin stand-ups, I think they were from Oriental Trading as well.

halloween photo props

charlotte's web costume

In my Charlotte's Web costume

Other decorations included orange/white checkerboard and plain black tablecloths, lots of pumpkins, and streamers on the door.

halloween door


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