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Design Your Own Paper Dolls

design your own paper dolls

Since I first got an electronic cutting machine I've wanted to try some paper dolls. Turns out that also makes a perfect library activity!

I wanted to give as much creative control as possible here. So I used a doll without a face, which allowed them to draw their own. I also had a few different hairstyles they could choose from. I considered just cutting out the styles in white so they could be colored, but decided to go with a few different colors of each style:

paper doll bob hairstyle

paper doll curly hair

paper doll shag hairstyle

paper doll long hair

I cut these out on yellow, red, brown, and black cardstock (templates at bottom of page). I couldn't seem to make the tabs work to secure the hairstyles to the head, so I just had the girls pick a style to glue on.

I gave them 3 outfit options to design: a dress, a skirt and top, and pants and a second top.

I went through a lot of dress options, but I settled on this one because I thought the fullness and length would give them more room to design (and be better for smaller children!):

paper doll design your own dress

I had colored pencils, glue, and some embellishments at each table:

ppaper doll craft at the library

In addition to the colored pencils, I had: glitter, sequins, bows, mini pompoms, and metallic markers. I also set out some white cardstock and scissors in case anybody wanted to get adventurous and cut out their own skirt or dress to design.

design your own paper doll materials

I uploaded the following images to my Cricut:

paper doll template

Doll: sized at 3.19"W x 7.76"H

cut out on your choice of skin tone cardstock

paper doll dress template

Dress: on white cardstock, sized at 4.54"W x 6.18"H

I welded small rectangles to each strap and the side before cutting (see earlier picture for reference)

I got this template from Craftside

paper doll skirt

Skirt: 1.96"W x 2.12"H

I just cut the outline on white cardstock, but you could do a Print Then Cut if you like the defined top and pleats.

This skirt is from Paper Thin Personas

paper doll sleeveless top

Sleeveless Top: 2.08"W x 2.39"H

Again, I just cut the outline on white cardstock, but you could do a Print Then Cut if you want the bow.

This top is also from Paper Thin Personas

paper doll shirt

Tee Shirt: 2.1"W x 2.88"H

On white cardstock, outline only.

I got this shirt from WikiHow.

paper doll palazzo pants

Palazzo pants: 2.62"W x 4.41"H

I had to weld the tabs onto these as well. White cardstock, outline only. I had a hard time finding pants to work with the doll I used.

paper doll short hair template

Short Hair: 1.33"W x 1.38"H

paper doll hairstyle

Shag Hairstyle: 1.27"W x 1.78" H

paper doll curls

Curls: 1.62"W x 1.45"H

paper doll hair

Long Hair: 1.38"W x 167"H

design your own paper doll flyer


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