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Joker Birthday Party

This was not for the library, though I could recycle some things for a Batman event. This was my niece's 2nd birthday party.


We tried to get her to do a mermaid theme, or Curious George, or ponies--all things she loves. Nope. Every time she was asked about any birthday plans, she always said she wanted a Joker party. Every single time. Not Batman. Just Joker. So, we made it work.

joker birthday cake

My sister-in-law made a simple cake, frosted in purple. The face and cards were printed out on cardstock, as well as the glittery purple 2. The dynamite candles were from Walmart.

She also made an adorable dynamite garland we hung around the window. Hard to get a picture with the window, but here it is:

joker birthday party

The cute Joker outfit my niece is wearing was made by her grandmother. She also made these money bag photo props:

gotham city bank photo prop

They were fabric bags with felt letters, filled with shredded paper.

money bag photo prop

The rest of the photo props were all various Jokers. Luckily, he's changed his look a lot over the years, so I had plenty to work with.

joker photo props

The backdrop was orange and green streamers.

joker photo booth
joker toddler birthday

We played "Pin the Grin on the Joker", first a round for the kids, then a round for the adults.

pin the grin on the joker before

Before and after.

pin the grin on the joker after

The image used for this can be found here.

There were lots of HA HA HA's all over the walls, along with comic explosion-shapes with birthday salutations.

ha ha ha wall

Plenty of balloons, too, in orange, green, and purple.

joker balloons

Even my kitchen chalkboard got decked out:

happy birthday chalkboard

I got a DVD from the library of Joker episodes from the Batman cartoon called Super Villains: The Joker's Last Laugh and had that playing during the party. I also had the theme song from the 60's Batman TV show playing.

joker wall

The giant Joker face on the wall was done with my usual method of printing out sections on several sheets of paper, then taping them together and cutting it out. I used the image below for it (I also made a photo prop out of it) and I found it on the blog Dr. Theda's Crypt.

joker mask

I also made birthday bunting for the length of my porch, out of poster board and cardstock.

happy birthday porch bunting

joker bunting

bunting close up


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