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Brown Bear, Brown Bear 50th Anniversary Celebration

In honor of Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle's classic children's book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" turning 50 years old this year, we threw a party at the library.

brown bear party flyer

I enlarged all the illustrations from the book and put them on the walls.

brown bear brown bear party

I also included some information about the author and illustrator:

I had several tables set up with different activities for patrons to roam to. At one table, patrons could make Brown Bear Sequencing hats

brown bear hats
brown bear craft

brown bear sequencing hat

At another table, they could play a Heads and Tails matching (or mismatching!) game:

brown bear party game

I kept seeing pins of this game, but none of the links would get me to something I could print out, so I made my own. Below are the jpgs of each card. I printed them on cardstock, and was going to laminate them, but ran out of time.

heads and tails matching
brown bear head

Here's the "Heads" half of Brown Bear. You can find all the cards in this Word doc.

At another table was color-your-own Brown Bear stick puppets. These came from Oriental Trading.

stick puppets

Another table had lacing cards:

lacing card table

I tried to match the yarn I used with the colored animal, but, as you can see with the frog, I just didn't have all the necessary colors.

brown bear lacing cards

Anyway, I made these as well. And they actually got laminated. Below you will find jpgs of each.

I had to use my Cricut to cut out the circles around these because my hole punch just wouldn't reach. Anyway, here they are:

purple cat lacing card

Here's an example of my Purple Cat Lacing Card. All Lacing Cards can be found on this Word doc.

There was also a table with several activity pages I printed off from I made some paper photo prop masks inspired by these to go with our giant Brown Bear cardboard standup.

brown bear photo props

brown bear cardboard standup

I also enlarged and printed out this cute Brown Bear I Spy poster. I didn't fool with any of the tally and graph stuff that comes with the pdf, I just made a little sign to go with it:

i spy questions

I had some videos of Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr talking about/reading/singing the book playing on the projector, as well as another video I found where the book was set to music. I also had my giant book of "Brown Bear" on display.

brown bear giant book

And I made a last-minute ring toss by taping Brown Bear pictures on one of our puppet stands.

ring toss

For treat bags, I glued a cut out of each illustration on a corresponding colored bag, and tied a Brown Bear 50th Anniversary logo on each one.

Blurry picture of festive table.

Here's a few close ups:

brown bear treat bags

Inside were Brown Bear puzzles, disc shooters, bubbles, and tattoos, all from Oriental Trading. I also busted out our new badge maker and made pins for all the treat bags.

brown bear party favors

The images for the badges I made:

And, of course, there was cake.

brown bear cake


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