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Super Saturday! Superhero Craft Day

super saturday flyer

Make a superhero paper doll with moving joints! Design a superhero sticker scene! Stop by our Make-Your-Own Comic Book Station! Craft a flying superhero! Make paper tube superheroes, and turn your hand print into your favorite superhero!Construct a paper town for your superheroes to protect! Build a pom pom shooter to help battle villains! Create magic scratch heroes and bad guys! Make your own masks, cuffs, and badges!

For Super Saturday, we had a dozen superhero-themed kids' crafts. They could choose whichever they wanted to do, or they could move around to the tables and do all of them.

super saturday crafts

I searched first for any ready-made craft kits that might be appropriate, and found 4 from Oriental Trading that I liked. And then I combed through Pinterest for the remaining 8. Here's what I came up with:

superhero sticker scene

This was an Oriental Trading kit, which I got with toddler-age in mind. But a lot of big kids were pleased with it, as well.

sticker scene instructions

Also from Oriental Trading was the Magic Scratch Superhero craft:

superhero magic scratch

superhero magic scratch instructions

...and the masks and cuffs kit.

masks and cuffs

masks and cuffs instructions

Because of the girliness of the pink and purple, there were a couple of boys that were off-put by this particular craft. However, some improvised by turning the masks over to the white side and coloring them to their liking. This was a popular table and the finished product was very cute; my only complaint is the glitter stickers. They were extremely hard to punch out and tore easily. Plus, you know, glitter everywhere.

flying superheroes

The Flying Superheroes craft came from the blog Kids Craft Room. It was actually a Father's Day craft. I just edited out the "Super Dad" part and let the kids design their own.

flying superheroes instructions

Instead of the paper cape, though, I just cut out a bunch from tissue paper.

flying superheroes table

jointed paper action figures

This craft came from the blog The Brooding Hen. I uploaded their template to the Cricut and cut them out on cardstock.

jointed paper action figures instructions

I had a pile of bodies, a pile of legs, and a pile of arms. And they could put them together however they wished. A superhero with extra legs instead of arms can be quite effective.

jointed paper action figures craft table

make your own badges

make your own badges instructions

make your own badges craft table

This was the first time I let patrons use our fairly-new badge maker. I had a pile of blank templates they could color and design, then take them to the badge maker. A volunteer was in charge of manning the badge maker. We let a few kids do it themselves, under supervision, but it kept catching or messing we ended up just having them bring their template over and then doing it for them.

library badge maker

superhero hand prints

I got most of the Superhero Hand Print ideas from here, as well as other modified image and Pinterest searches. I wanted to avoid the mess of paint, so I found some very large ink pads on Oriental Trading that worked perfectly for this activity. Also, the Crayola Metallic Markers look great for this and are washable.

superhero hand prints

superhero hand prints craft table

A lot of kids came up with their own drawings on their hand prints, and were REALLY cute. It was my favorite part of the day!

pom pom shooter

pom pom shooter instructions

This is a modified version of these 4th of July confetti poppers, which I have made for past library activities.

pom pom shooter craft table

I printed out Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman prints they could wrap their toilet paper tubes in. I also had some Justice League stickers I found at Wal-Mart, and leftover washi tape.

paper tube superheroes

More toilet paper rolls! I found these templates at Crafts by Amanda, and used colored paper craft tubes I found at Hobby Lobby.

paper tube superheroes instructions

toilet paper roll superheroes

paper tube superheroes craft table

paper towns

We ordered these "house patterns" from the Collaborative Summer Reading website for a Summer Reading activity, and once they came in, I decided they were much too small to do a program solely based on them. So they became a part of Super Saturday, because superheroes need a town to protect, right?

paper towns instructions

They're very cute, although a little too small and detailed for younger kids.

paper towns craft table

pop up superhero

Another Oriental Trading craft. I had originally ordered this for a Story Time craft, but ending up not using it. There's really not much to it, but it looks good.

pop up superhero instructions

pop up superhero craft table

DIY comic book station

I used the printable pack from the blog Create in the Chaos for this table, as well as a few other templates I found online, and some stickers.

DIY comic book station craft table

I had the room set up with a dozen tables, with signs indicating the craft (front) and how to do it (back). I was worried it might get too crowded at the tables, since generally there were only 4 chairs per table. But we only got clogged a couple of times, usually people moved around freely.

library super saturday 1

Plus lot of superhero action words on the walls.

library super saturday 2

This had a pretty good turn out and I will likely do it again.


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