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Curiosity Day 2017

curiosity day flyer

Last year for Curiosity Day, we had Curious George visit for a Story. I made some George masks and had a table with books and coloring/activity pages, but that was it. We had over 100 come, so this year I wanted to kick it up a notch.

I wasn't satisfied with any of the Curious George crafts I found on Pinterest, so I made this accordion limb George craft:

curious george craft

I pre-cut the t-shirts and faces and brown strips for arms and legs. The kids could color and assemble. Here is a template.

curious george craft table

We used the Crayola Construction Paper crayons, which showed up great on the red t-shirts.

The other craft was Decorate the Man in the Yellow Hat's tie. For this craft, I just cut out neck tie shapes on yellow construction paper, and set out crayons, stickers, sequins, googly eyes, washi tape, and whatever leftover craft supplies I had that could be glued on.

man in the yellow hat craft

The table behind this one was full of Curious George coloring pages, mazes, and other activity pages that I found online.

On the projector screen we had a Curious George cartoon playing.

On another table, there was a Memory Game that I made. You can print a set for yourself with this pdf.

curious george memory game

For games, we had Pin the Banana on George. Although, I later realized that Pin the Tie on the Man (or hat!) would have been much easier. And I would have liked to have featured him more, anyway, because as it turns out, a lot of the kids like him just as much as George.

pin the banana on george

I got the idea from this blog, but there was no how-to. So here is a pdf of the George image and weird the banana cut-outs that I made.

I also turned one of our corn hole boards into "Feed George a Banana"

feed george a banana game

And our other corn hole board, which has a tic-tac-toe board on the bag, into this:

curious george tic-tac-toe toss

All I did was tape the images onto the bags, so they didn't last long. But it was cute for a while! I got the images from this blog, where I also found this banner:

curious george banner

I also put together The Man in the Yellow Hat's Ring toss, which was quick and easy. I got the idea from this blog.

man in the yellow hat ring toss

I also put together a Curious George photo booth, with red and yellow streamer background.

curious george photo booth

I made the photo props. You can print the images here.

curious george photo props free

A couple of decorations were leftover from last year, like this banner:

curious george banner

And a print-out about H.A. and Margret Rey, from

h.a. rey sign

There were also treat bags for the kids, inspired from what I saw at this blog.

curious george treat bags

curious george party favors

Inside was a Curious George mask, bubbles, ring, party blower, and a banana pen.

curious george gift bag

Eventually we went upstairs to the kids' room for the Man in the Yellow Hat (costume from Oriental Trading) to read a story with Curious George (costume from Ali Express).

curious george visits the library

Oh! And I used our poster printer to print Curious George images for the windows. Here's a picture from the outside:

curious george windows

Plus we had the Curious George Bulletin Board upstairs as well.

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