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Poe Party!

poe party

To kick off Halloween, we had a Poe Party at the library. I said we would: Celebrate the horror tales of Edgar Allan Poe with activities, treats, and a play by Bright Star Touring Theatre, coming to us from North Carolina! Hear of “The Tell-Tale Heart!” Dig deep with “The Cask of Amontillado.” Quoth ‘nevermore’ with “The Raven” and hear the ‘tintinabulation’ of “The Bells!”

poe finger puppet

Pinterest wasn't exactly chock full of suitable Poe activities for kids, so I had to get creative and/or modify things to make them work. First, we had to have a raven craft.

raven craft sign

I found a great printable from Learn Create Love. I modified it so we could put brads in the individual parts so they could move, and gave the raven a "Nevermore" banner. Here is the end result:

poe raven craft

I used the Cricut to cut them out on black cardstock, and used the Crayola Construction Paper Crayons on them, which show up great on black.

poe raven craft table

I had it all cut and laid out on the table, so guests could just assemble and decorate.

poe black cat craft

Another craft was a black cat. I used a great template from Krokotak, which I just printed onto black construction paper.

I considered not using the cat's pre-drawn face, because it was a little too happy/cute, but eh.

poe versus the beating heart game

Another activity was "The Tell-Tale Heart" game. This was just our corn hole boards, converted to Poe versus the Beating Heart.

the tell tale heart game

Beside this game was a pile of cardboard bricks, Mondo Bloxx, actually, that kids could stack up à la "The Cask of Amontillado."

the cask of amontillado sign

cask of amontillado brick activity

I found some great Poe infographic posters, like the one behind the bricks here, for free at Course Hero. I believe there were 5 altogether. I tried to match them with the corresponding activity. Plus they made for a great wall decoration!

poe masque of the red death craft sign

Another craft was decorating masquerade masks in honor of "The Masque of the Red Death." Unfortunately, I somehow missed getting a picture of the table, but I ordered paper masquerade masks and had markers, glitter, feathers, jewels, etc out for the kids to decorate them with.

poe group coloring mural sign

Another activity was a group coloring mural. For this, I just enlarged a Poe coloring page, and printed out two copies (one in gray, one in black). The black copy I cut into several small pieces to be colored, and left the fainter, gray version intact and on the wall to use as a template.

It turned out really cute! I thought figuring out the puzzle piece-like sections of the mural was a fun addition to the activity.

poe group coloring mural activity table

I also tried to have a Poe book at every table.

poe group coloring activity

The library purchased Literary Paper Dolls by Kyle Hilton, so I could use the Poe doll for an activity at another table.

poe paper dolls

There were a lot of cute paper doll options available on Etsy as well, but this worked well for our budget. I made copies of the Poe dolls, cut them out, and set them on a table to reenact Poe stories.

edgar allan poe paper dolls activity table

On the projector screen during the event, I played some fantastic animated Poe stories that I found on YouTube. I had no idea there were so many great ones until I started looking! Here's a link to my playlist.

edgar allan poe photo props

I also whipped up some Poe photo props. Poe-to props? One I found at Atomic Moo, but the rest were just images I found online. If you're interested, I compiled them into a pdf.

edgar allan poe cookies

My mom found some Edgar Allan Poe wafer paper at Fancy Flours, which we purchased to make cookies for the event. She had the cat cookie cutter already, so we made a few of those as well. They were perfect for the Poe Party, but the set weirdly included a Macbeth quote which we couldn't use. What the heck, Fancy Flours. Get it together.

poe party cookies

After the activities was a Poe play by Bright Star Touring Theatre, which we had used once before for their rendition of "A Christmas Carol." I actually built the whole event around the performance when I saw they were offering a Poe play, because I thought it would be fabulous. They always do a good job, I highly recommend this group.

edgar allan poe play

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