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Design Your Own Doll Shirt

design your own doll shirt flyer

This was the most expensive American Girl doll activity I've done. We bought plain white t-shirts (at about $3 a shirt) and let patrons come decorate them however they liked. Sewing up an easy dress or skirt yourself might save some money, though, and give them more to decorate.

DIY american girl shirt

I put out lots of stamps and stencils to choose from that I already had. I had fabric markers and paint. I had some fabric paint, but I also got out my regular acrylic paint for these because, hey, they're doll shirts. I cut out squares of leftover chipboard and stuck inside the shirts.

I considered doing tie-dye, but where they're so small, I thought there wouldn't be much to it--they'd be finished in seconds. And I only wanted to do one shirt per attendee. But the markers and paint went over just fine--they seemed to enjoy it, and they had front, back, and sleeves to decorate. Would consider doing again.

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