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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Cupcakes

dr seuss book cupcakes

This year I made cupcakes for our annual Birthday Party for Dr. Seuss. I wanted to feature a few different books, and I went with The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish, and The Cat in the Hat.

lorax cupcake with truffula tree

The inspiration for The Lorax cupcake with truffula tree was from a pin with a dead link, though a photo has been reblogged here. Just a paper straw with some cotton candy on top.

green eggs and ham cupcake

The Green Eggs & Ham cupcake took the most prep, and the whole idea came from the blog Lindsay Ann Bakes. The ham is green Laffy Taffy that was slightly heated and molded into a ham shape, and the eggs is melted white chocolate with a green M&M. The black lines on both are an edible black marker. Fun!

green eggs and ham cupcake

edible green eggs close up

green ham candy

Lucky for me, it's Dr. Seuss, so the inconsistencies get a pass. The whimsy works in your favor.

one fish two fish cupcakes

The One Fish, Two Fish cupcakes idea came from A Sparkle of Genius, and are simply topped with Swedish Fish. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the different colored Swedish Fish here, so all mine were red.

thing 1 & thing 2 cupcakes

The Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes from The Cat in the Hat were inspired by The Brewer & the Baker. I have wanted to do these cupcakes for years! But, the cotton candy doesn't last long before melting (same with the truffula trees) so I tried to wait until the last minute before putting it on.

dr seuss cupcakes

I made the cupcake wrappers for each of the different books. You can find them below as a PDF.

free printable dr seuss cupcake wrapper
dr seuss cupcakes

I made two dozen of each book, for a total of 8 dozen cupcakes.

In addition to the cupcakes, we had games and crafts from previous years.

Instead of treat bags, this year we had a Dr. Seuss Magic Show by Mark Comely.

lorax punch

dr seuss library cupcakes

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