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Library Gumball Machine

library gumball machine

We bought a gumball machine for $30 on eBay, painted it purple, and slightly modified it so it would accept arcade tokens. Now when kids check out books, they can get library tokens for a joke, riddle, or fun fact.

library tokens

We purchased arcade tokens, and I covered them in stickers cut out with the library's Cricut. I used our library logo and mascot, as well as some other popular children's book characters. I sprayed both sides with a coat of Modge Podge sealer.

library token stickers

It's not pictured, but I have a plastic box sitting on top of the machine that says "Return capsules here!" so that we can reuse them.

I think during our Summer Reading program, I'll put better prizes in the capsules and make them read more books in order to get a token.

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