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Paper Easter Egg Painting

paper easter egg painting

Our library's town has a well-attended egg hunt at the park every year, with vendors and other organizations setting up tables. This year I wanted to do a craft for the library's table. It had to be something that could be done quickly, easily, while standing up, with not too many pieces, and that could accommodate about 100 kids. I settled on painting cardstock eggs with Q-tips (idea from Clare's Little Tots) and it was perfect!

easter egg painting at the park

I cut out the eggs on the Circut and glued them to construction paper (one piece cut in half) beforehand. I had plenty of paint already from other activities, and poured some in small paper cups, and set out Q-tips. The kids could just walk up and do one.

I taped down the eggs on the table so they wouldn't blow away, which ended up serving double duty, because a lot of people wanted to hang them on the fence to dry while they went to hunt eggs. It was cheap, with easy prep and easy clean up. I would definitely do it again!

Oh! And I made the banner with these printables from Yellow Bliss Road.

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