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Perler Bead Keychain Craft Night

perler bead craft night

I had no Perler Bead experience prior to this event. Some of my co-workers are interested in it, and that's what led to me hosting this as a library event for this year's Spring Break Craft.

perler bead keychains

The flamingo was my first attempt, then I made the fox keychain for my co-worker. We ordered a 100-ct bag of keychain rings. The kids had the option of making a keychain or just leaving their project as is.

library perler bead event

I had five table areas set up, with a few peg boards on each. I divided the beads up into small plastic cups, and we had some cheap plastic tweezers out as well.

perler bead table

We had some box kits of Mario and Zelda, but we only had one kid use them.

toad perler beads

Although I did make a Toad.

perler bead station

We did purchase a pattern book or two, but honestly it's not necessary. There are no shortage of ideas available online.

perler beads library event

There were only three kids out of the 24 people that came that had done Perler Beads before.

perler bead patterns

I printed off several patterns I found online of unicorns, Pokemon, superheros, trolls, mermaids, and the like. I also had a few blank patterns with some colored pencils in case the kids wanted to get creative and make their own.

perler bead ironing

I had the iron set up on a table to the side, and I was the only one allowed to operate it. If/when I do this again, I'm getting another iron and another helper. Everyone got done at the same time, and there was a big backlog of ironing to be done.

perler beads IT office

I made this cursor for the IT guy. After I got the hang of it, I got ambitious and went home and made Lichtenstein's Girl with Hair Ribbon.

Lichtenstein perler beads

I stuck it on my bathroom wall.

Lichtenstein Girl with Hair Ribbon perler bead project

Would certainly do this event again. Next time maybe magnets. Or ornaments.


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