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Lego Clock DIY

lego clock diy flyer

I wanted to get rid of our off-brand Lego that I painstakingly weeded out of our Lego Club collection. because it sucks horribly. So I've planned some Lego craft events. First, to get rid of our large base plates, we did Lego Clocks.

lego clock library program

My boss found some ultra-cheap clock kits online, and ordered a set of 50. The size is a little off, but with a hot glue gun and some scissors, we were able to make it work.

lego clock craft library program

We drilled a hole in the middle of the base plates beforehand, to stick the clock kit through. I had the tables set up as shown, with the plates, hot glue guns, directions, clock kits, and Lego at each table.

The hot glue guns were necessary not only because of the off-size of the clock kits, but because the Lego knockoffs don't stay put like a real Lego block does. Sometimes they will just pop off the plate entirely. Hence the decision to get rid of them.

diy lego clock directions

I had these Directions posted at each table. All images of DIY Lego clocks I found online from other crafters. People that trickled in to do the craft pretty much just sat down and got started with little assistance from me.

diy lego clock


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