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Make Your Own Instruments

make your own instrument flyer

To fit in with our Libraries Rock Summer Reading theme, we had a craft night for kids to come make instruments.

diy instruments for kids

There were five different instruments to make: a tambourine, a pan flute, a harmonica, an egg shaker, and a kazoo.

paper plate tambourine instructions

The idea for the paper plate tambourine came from Kids Craft Room, although I used markers instead of paint and skipped the cotton ball stuffing.

diy tambourine craft table

We had everything on hand already to make these, except for the bells.

diy pan flute instructions

The straw pan flute was a quick and easy idea that came from The Pinterested Parent and Laughing Kids Learn (where I borrowed the pictures for my instruction page).

diy pan flute craft table

egg shakers instructions

I saw lots of different ideas for maraca-type diy instruments, but I made do with what I had on hand, which was lots of plain white plastic eggs leftover from the Veruca Salt game at my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Celebration, washi tape, and a bag of aquarium gravel.

diy egg shakers craft table

Wrapping them up in washi tape both sealed them and added some color.

kazoo instructions

This craft tube kazoo idea came from Buggy and Buddy as well as the 2018 SRP manual. I opted for stickers instead of paint for the tubes.

diy kazoo craft table

The colored tubes looked better. I should have used one of those for my instruction photos.

harmonica instructions

My favorite was the popsicle stick harmonica. It made the best sound. This idea (and photos) came from Mess for Less. They could be decorated further with markers and stickers.

diy harmonica craft table

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