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Kids Drive-In Movie Night

kids drive in movie library flyer

One of our patrons asked me about doing an outdoor movie night so she could cross it off her family's summer bucket list. So I put together this Kids Drive-In Movie Night.

library drive in movie event

Butterflies to protect the innocent.

I got some inspiration and how-to from Party Like a Cherry. We already had about 20 boxes that were 20" Length x 16" Width x 14 but we purchased 30 more from Staples.

yellow cardboard box car

I taped the bottom together and left the top open, cutting off all side flaps except one for a "windshield."

red cardboard box cars

I painted them red, yellow, and blue. Using a roller made pretty easy work out of it. The windshield flap on all was painted silver.

blue cardboard box cars

The blue was my favorite. I ended up with more of those. Anyway, that's all the prep I did for the boxes. The rest of the decorating was for the kids to do before the movie.

decorated cardboard box car

The Crayola Construction Paper Crayons showed up great on the boxes. So kids could draw whatever they liked on them. I also had lots of washi tape out so they could make stripes or what have you.

cardboard box cars drive in movie night

And black paper plates from the Dollar Tree for wheels (and in some cases, steering wheels). I also printed out this license plate for them to decorate and glue on.

kids drive in movie night

I put the screen in the bookmobile garage so we could start the movie before it was super dark. The kids could sit outside in the parking lot.

drive in cardboard box cars


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