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Shark Attack

shark attack flyer

More shark stuff! For Shark Week this year, we had a Shark Attack at the library. This included shark-themed crafts, games, facts, and a science experiment.

shark paper lanterns

These shark paper lanterns came from Oriental Trading and I had them hanging from the ceiling. They had plenty of shark party supplies, but the only other other thing I purchased was some shark glasses (goggles?) to go along with my DIY shark party hats:

shark party hats and glasses

The hats were inspired by a post from My Insanity. Because they were so fun and simple, I decided to turn the hats into one of the craft activities.

diy shark party hats craft

The silver hats were purchased from Amazon, and I made this print out for the fins and eyes. The teeth were just snipped out of a small rectangle of white construction paper. All you need is the template, white construction paper, scissors, glue, and a party hat.

shark hat instructions

Another craft was a shark clothespin puppet from Kix Cereal:

shark clothespin puppet

To make this work, I had to precut the template and hot glue the fish to the bottom piece. From there, all the kids had to do was color the shark and glue each half onto the clothespin.

shark clothespin puppet instructions

The template is available from Kix Cereal.

shark puppet craft table

Another table I set up with the Shark Cootie Catcher from Easy Peasy and Fun. The template is available there.

shark cootie catcher craft table

Oh, I lied. I did buy something else from Oriental Trading. Magic scratch art in shark shapes.

shark scratch art craft table

These ran out quick, and I had to replenish the table with some quick shark coloring page printouts.

shark science experiment table

The "How Does a Shark Float?" science experiment was from Connections Academy. I had the toilet paper tube "sharks" weighted with pennies and some balloons filled with oil. The blue tub is full of water so kids could see how a shark sank with nothing inside, but with oil inside them, they became buoyant.

pin the fin on the shark

One of the games was Pin the Fin on the Shark.

feed the shark bean bag toss

Another game was Feed the Shark, a bean bag toss that I made out of printing a cover for one of our cornhole boards.

shark tooth hunting activity

The Shark Tooth Match-Up was an activity from All For the Boys. The kids could dig through the trays filled with aquarium gravel to find the cardstock "teeth" with their tweezers.

shark tooth game

Then they matched the teeth to the appropriate place on the toothless shark and glued 'em in.

I also had several different shark facts on the walls, and a Youtube shark playlist going on the projector. Upstairs in the children's room was my Shark Bulletin Board and Shark Book Display.

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