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Story Time: Dinosaurs

dinosaur toddler story time

Yay, dinosaurs!

I introduced the egg shakers, which was my first time trying them on a toddler group. I was worried it might be total chaos, but they did SO good. I will alternate between them and scarves from now on.

I had ordered some dinosaur masks from Oriental Trading, which I thought were craft kits. But they turned out to just be ready-to-wear masks. So I found a template for dinosaur balloons from Oh Happy Day and used that for our craft.

dinosaur balloon craft

I only used the t-rex one to keep things simple, and used red, orange, blue, yellow, and green balloons. I had our construction paper crayons out for the kids to add details, and they just used tape to attach them to the balloons.

dinosaur story time craft

Everybody got one of the dinosaur masks, too.

dinosaur lollipop

A local place also makes these cute lollipops in different dinosaur shapes, so I ordered us a couple dozen for a special treat.

dinosaur suckers

They were so cute! There was also a brontosaurus that somehow managed to escape my picture.

dinosaur story time table


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