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Curious George Paper Bag Puppet

curious george library flyer

This year for Curiosity Day, I dressed as the Man in the Yellow Hat and read the first Curious George book, alongside our George costumed character. After pictures, the kids could go downstairs to make a Curious George paper bag puppet.

curious george library event

curious george paper bag puppet

Curious George Craft Instructions

I have one in color and one that can color yourself (like we used at our event). Both allow you to craft George's mouth however you like.

curious George craft

You'll need:


-Brown Paper Bag

-Template (see above) for George's ears, top & bottom half of George’s face, t-shirt


-Glue Stick

man in the yellow hat ring toss

I scaled back from last year's Curiosity Day event, although I did still use my Man in the Yellow Hat Ring Toss.

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