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Halloween Book Display

halloween library display

I love black and white stripes. I'm always looking for an excuse to incorporate them. Enter Halloween book display.

The inside of the bookcase and the shelves are covered in black and white striped wrapping paper, which I found at Hobby Lobby.

halloween book display bunting

The bunting was a free printable I made for the Halloween Story Time Party a couple'a years ago. It came from Mish Mash By Ash, which appears to no longer be a blog. So here's the pdf that I had downloaded from there: Halloween Banner

BOO googley eyes

The "BOO" and "EEK" are made up of googly eyes, and was a pack of stickers I bought last year from Hobby Lobby.

halloween book display bats

I added some foam bat cutouts (again, from Hobby Lobby. I cleaned them out last year after the holiday), spiders, and skeletons.

halloween book showcase

And, of course, our spooky books.

halloween book display skeleton

Our posable skeleton was on the end, with some fall decorations up top.

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