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Balloon Ghosts

balloon ghost

We were invited to Dewey Lake's first annual Harvest in the Park. They asked us to set up and provide candy for trick-or-treaters as well as a craft or game. I settled on balloon ghosts.

balloon ghost craft

It's a white balloon on a balloon stick with some white streamers stuck around the top of the balloon stick. The face is shapes I cut (some with my Cricut, some by hand) out of black adhesive vinyl. The kids could choose what eyes and mouth they wanted for their ghost.

harvest in the park table

I was able to get all materials for this at Wal-Mart. I cut some balloon sticks in half because I thought they were a little long for smaller kids.

I had prepped the balloons beforehand by blowing them up and putting them on the sticks. So all the kids had to do was pick out the face they wanted.

ghost face stickers

One plate was full of eyes, one was full of mouths. It was hard to get the backing off, but it was doable.

ghost face stencils

I used these stencils I found online for the faces, as well as freehanding a few extras on scrap vinyl pieces. I didn't do the hands or eyebrows for the top left face, just for the sake of simplicity. The eyes with the lashes were very popular with the little girls.

I ended up not doing the streamers at the bottom, just because it was tricky to get them to stay, and the kids didn't seem that interested. They looked cute either way.

I stuck the balloon sticks in styrofoam in the bottom of some tin jack-o-lantern pails. I had to weigh them down with a rock inside to keep the wind from knocking them over.

Our witch hat ring toss was a game from last year's Halloween carnival. It's PVC pipe spray painted orange, with witch hats on top.

I ended up doing this craft again for the Jenny Wiley Festival.

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