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2018 Literary Pumpkin Carving Contest

literary pumpkin contest flyer

This was our third year doing a Literary Pumpkin Carving Contest (see previous post here). And, unfortunately, the worst turn out we've had. Only had ten pumpkins, besides mine. :(

wicked witch of the west pumpkin

I broke my Roald Dahl streak (first James and the Giant Peach, then Violet Beauregarde) this year with a Wizard of Oz pumpkin. The untimely death of the Wicked Witch of the West.

2018 literary pumpkin contest floyd county public library

Here's a collage of all the entries.

jeny wiley festival literary pumpkin contest

We moved them outside this year so they could be enjoyed during the festival.

And the 2018 Rules:

Carve, paint, or otherwise decorate a pumpkin for the 2018 Literary Pumpkin Carving Contest! Pumpkins must be literary themed. This includes characters, stories, words, or authors of books or comics. This year, all pumpkins submitted by contestants ages 13 and up will be judged together on creativity and adherence to the theme for the following prizes: 1st Place: iPad Mini 2nd Place: Kindle Fire 3rd Place: a pair of Haunted Pontoon Ride Tickets Children 12 and under entering pumpkins will be judged separately, for prizes of toys, craft kits, and games, in the following areas: 1. Best Painted Pumpkin 2. Best Carved Pumpkin 3. Silliest Pumpkin 4. Most Original Pumpkin 5. Cutest Pumpkin 6. Scariest Pumpkin 7. Prettiest Pumpkin 8. Most Elaborate Pumpkin 9. Best Use of Theme 10. Best Use of Entire Pumpkin Completed pumpkins are to be brought to the fountain across from the court house on Friday, October 12th between 8:30-6:00. Contestants must submit a form with their name, age, book inspiration, and contact information at the library and then take their pumpkins outside to be put on display. Pumpkins will be displayed outside on bales of hay during the festival for everyone to enjoy. Pumpkins will be judged that same evening (Oct 12) at 7:00 by a panel of three judges. Participants do not have to be present at the judging to win. After the pumpkins are judged, contestants may pick them up anytime. If the pumpkins have not been retrieved by the end of the Jenny Wiley Festival, they will be disposed of. Artificial “carvable” pumpkins may be used. Pumpkins may be any size. Multiple pumpkins may be used as a part of one entry. The library does not provide pumpkins or other decorating materials.

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