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Frankenstein Bash

frankenstein flyer

I wanted to do something for the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein, but for kids. That turned into a Halloween, cartoon-y version. Here's how we advertised:

Celebrate Frankenstein's 200th birthday with a monster party at the Floyd County Public Library! Come Tuesday, October 23rd at 5:30 for games, crafts, treats, and Halloween fun. Costumes encouraged!

At the event, kids could play cornhole, make a Frankenstein action figure, pick Frankenstein's nose, watch Mad Monster Party, roll a Frankenstein, bowl over some monster heads, make a Frankenstein crown, and eat some cake.

mary who wrote frnakenstein mad monster party

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein by Linda Bailey and Julia Sarda is SUCH a great children's biography. I didn't end up using it for the event, but I had it on display. We also had Mad Monster Party playing in the background.

frankenstein nose pick game

I used our Frank's Nose Pick carnival game we made last year for one game. The kids could stick their hand in the nose and fish around in some snot for a prize.

frankenstein snot

It's Metamucil and water, cooked until thick, with green food coloring added. Pretty gross.

Frankenstein's nose is full of spiders and bats, in case anyone was wondering.

zombie head bowling

Also from last year's Halloween Carnival was the Zombie Head Bowling, which in this case, was a variety of Frankenstein heads.

mad monster party viewing

I had it in front of our screen playing Mad Monster Party.

frankenstein cornhole

I used our poster printer to cover our cornhole boards with pictures of Frankenstein and his bride from the 1930s films. I found the images online through Google.

Frankenstein maze

I also found this Frankenstein maze online to print out and slap on the wall.

roll a frankenstein instructions

Roll a Frankenstein - This game/craft was inspired by Housing a Forest. I modified it slightly, and added a template for the pieces. You can download my version here.

roll a frankenstein pieces

I cut green construction paper in half, then uploaded my stencil for the individual pieces to our Cricut to cut out about 3 dozen of each from black construction paper.

roll a frankenstein cricut

Roll the dice to see which piece to add. You can arrange the face lots of different ways.

roll a frankenstein craft table

The table. I ended up adding another set of instructions on the table so everyone could see them.

roll a frankenstein faces

Examples of some possibilities.

roll a frankenstein pieces

A close up of the pieces.

frankenstein crown

Another craft was the Frankenstein Crowns, which was quick and easy and looked very cute on the kids. My inspiration for these came from Free Kids Crafts and Apples and ABC's.

frankenstein crown supplies

All you need is black construction paper cut into thirds, a sheet of green construction paper with a third taken off the bottom, some glue, scissors, a stapler, and the Crayola Construction Paper Crayons that I love so much.

Frankenstein Crown Tutorial

Frankenstein Crown Tutorial

frankenstein crowns

I got the green tablecloths from Dollar General and the black and white striped tablecloths from Amazon.

build your own frankenstein

Our third craft was Make Your Own Frankenstein, or Frankenstein Action Figures.

frankenstein action figure materials

You'll need beads (pony beads, or really any bead will fit on a pipe cleaner), large round wooden beads, paper straws, pipe cleaners, markers, and scissors.

build a frankenstein tutorial

We have made these pipe cleaner action figures before, and I thought they'd fit nicely with the Frankenstein theme. So we did a Halloween version, using appropriately colored pipe cleaners, straws, and beads.

build a frankenstein craft table

This table was a hot mess by the end of the night. But the kids did great on their little action figures. They were so cute!

frankenstein bunting

I downloaded this cute Frankenstein mini bunting from One Creative Mommy to hang above the entrance.

frankenstein and bride of frankenstein cut outs

I made a lot of Halloween silhouettes a year (or two??) ago for the windows in the children's room, so I already had these Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein cut outs to put on the wall.

pop art frankenstein

I also printed out this fun pop art Frankenstein.

frankenstein cake

We also had a Frankenstein cake (birthday cake?!) from Food City, chips, and lemonade.

And I dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein. I actually wanted to be Frankenstein himself, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without having to do a ton of makeup (not enough time) or a mask (too scary, too obstructive). So the Bride it was.

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