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Story Time: Halloween Party (Monsters)

story time halloween party flyer library invitation

Every year we have a Halloween Story Time where the kids (and me!) wear their costumes. (You can also check out the 2017 or 2016 Halloween Story Time Parties).

halloween monster story time

We read Matthew McElligott's Even Monsters Need Haircuts, followed by Welcome to Monster Town by Ryan Heshka. Last was Innovative Kids' Poke-a-Dot! 10 Little Monsters, which is fun for anyone who likes to pop bubble wrap, which is pretty much everybody. I found my copy at Ollie's.

The wolf man bookmark was from an Oriental Trading craft kid (there was also a witch and Frankenstein), but we ran out of those during our 10:00. So I scrambled and put together the cotton ball ghost craft for my 2:00 group. I printed a ghost shape I found online on cardstock and cut out a few eyes and mouths out of black cardstock.

halloween cut outs

I hung up my Halloween cut outs that I made last year (or the year before?). I was happy to get another use out of them--I traced the silhouettes onto black bulletin board paper and cut them out. I've also used them in the upstairs windows.

halloween party cookies

We had cookies and chips for after the stories and craft. I had lots of cookies leftover from a family get together, so we had a good selection this year. I also had Kool Aid pouches, which were still in the fridge when this picture was taken.

halloween library storytime

I waited until the last minute to get tablecloths (again!) so I couldn't find 8 of one style locally. So I had to get two different ones and alternate.

spider dooy hanging

I got these spider cutouts from Walmart, and loved how they looked but they were a PAIN to untangle. And anytime someone came in they got tangled again. .....Wouldn't recommend. But very festive!

I also had treat boxes which I didn't get a picture of (!) :( and dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein (which I had picked for the Frankenstein Bash).

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