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Giant Confetti Poppers

giant confetti poppers

So, these weren't actually for the library. But I have made the regular-sized confetti poppers at the library for the 4th of July and Superhero Craft Day.

I stumbled across this tutorial on Sugar & Cloth for the same concept, only with an 8"x48" concrete tube form (cut in half!) and knew I had to try it.

You can find the complete tutorial here, but here's a quick run down:

-Cut a 8"x48" concrete tube form in half (you get two poppers!)

-Decorate each one. I spray painted mine and added dots I cut out on adhesive vinyl.

-Cut the tip off of two 36" latex balloons and stretch them tight over one end. Tape it down. I used black or white duct tape.

-Knot the end of the balloon. Load it with confetti and pull back on the balloon end.

My original plan was to make them for New Year's, but I completely forgot about it until my nephew asked where they were, about 15 minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve. Oops.

So I made them for his birthday party instead, which was 3 days later.

giant confetti popper

They're fun and make a big entrance. But the 36" balloon is a smidge big--you can't get it stetched as taut as a regular 12" balloon on the toilet paper tubes, so they don't have as good as a pop. Not as much force, not as much distance. Still, though, they work! And they're fun.

They also call for large confetti (which is easier to clean up!). I made 1.5" circle confetti for the giant poppers and smaller 1" confetti for the tiny poppers.


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