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Narnia Night

narnia night flyer

I've been trying to have an event for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe for over a year now. And, despite some bad weather, we finally got to do it this month.

narnia snowglobes

Pinterest is full of awesome Narnia snowglobe ideas. Amazing ones where the lamppost actually lights up(!) or really pretty waterless ones. For our purposes, I thought it'd be best to do a simple version with a resin lamppost, evergreen tree, some glitter, glycerin, and water in a jelly jar.

narnia snowglobe instructions

The lamppost and tree both came from the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby (brand is Mayberry Street Miniatures). Glycerin from Walmart, and we already had the glitter and jars.

narnia snowglobe diy

I had a table with hot glue guns and the miniatures separate from the other craft tables.

narnia snowglobe craft table

The trees turn the water a little green at first, but it clears up.

origami aslan

We also made an Origami Aslan. Well, modified origami.

origami aslan instructions

I got the template and instructions (though I added new photos) from First Palette, which offers a whole range of foldable paper zoo animals (fun!). The template is for the "Big Cat" and the lion's mane is added by gluing on orange crepe paper.

aslan craft table for narnia night

The instructions look a little more daunting than it actually is. I printed the template out on tan construction paper and cut them out ahead of time.

white witch crown

We also made White Witch crowns. This idea came from International Elf Service (and hers looks much better than mine, so be sure to have a look there).

white witch crown instructions

For this craft I used paper (cardstock for the headband part and regular printer paper for the cones), scissors, tape, and a stapler. I bought thin silver sparkle washi tape from Hobby Lobby.

white witch crown craft table

It was fun to see the modified versions the kids made of these.

narnia shield diy

We also decorated our own shields with markers. The shields came from Oriental Trading and were a nice large size, but we had to take them over to the hot glue guns to glue the handle on the back. Lame.

narnia party turkish delight

We also had to try some Turkish Delight. My boss ordered two kinds--one tangerine (right) and one marshmallow chocolate, which I'm not sure really counts as Turkish Delight, but whatever.

marmara turkish delight

We ordered Marmara Turkish Delight from Amazon. We also watched the movie adaptation of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe:

narnia night at the library

The only decorating I did was to hang some sparkly snowflakes from the ceiling and set out all of our Narnia books.

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