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Valentine Chocolates Bulletin Board

valentine chocolates bulletin board

A Good Read is a Sweet Treat in Cookie Monster font.

To make the heart-shaped box of chocolates, I cut out a large heart from white bulletin board paper. Then I cut a poster board into long strips and taped, then hot glued them around the heart to create a border.

diy giant box of chocolates

My first thought was to fill the inside with cupcake wrappers to put the "chocolates" in, but they turned out to be too small for the size of my heart.

valentine chocolates bulletin board heart

See? I've never seen a box of chocolates that full. Although I would certainly like to. So, I decided to use coffee filters instead.

paper box of chocolates

For the chocolates, I folded/waded/shaped brown bulletin board paper squares and hot glued them into the coffee filters.

The rest of the heart cutouts used on the bulletin board I had leftover from last year, and were purchased.

In the past for Valentine's Day I've done a "Just Your Type" bulletin board and a conversation hearts bulletin board. And one year I ditched the Valentine's Day theme (but stuck to the red/white/pink motif) and did an Eloise bulletin board.

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