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Mystery Book Display

childrens mystery book display

Children's Mystery Book Display for Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction

nancy drew book display

Nancy Drew silhouette on the side with READ footprints, leftover from an old Summer Reading program

sherlock holmes book art

Sherlock Holmes silhouette cut out on black cardstock with the Cricut on and stuck down in a open book

mystery book display ransom note

Since cutting out actual magazine letters wouldn't be large enough for the display, I cut out the Can You Solve the Case? with Ransom Note font on the Cricut, then glued onto various construction paper/cardstock scraps.

get a clue read a mystery

Get a Clue: Read a Mystery (in Courier New font) - I printed out the giant thumbrint and taped it on, and the magnifying glass I cut out out of cardboard and painted black before I hot glued it on.

mystery library book display

The question marks and eyeballs were all printed, cut out, and taped on. I have another giant thumbprint on the bottom shelf but it's covered by books in this photo.

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