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Board Game Circulation Display

library board game circulation display

Bored? Check Out a Board Game

We have recently cataloged and begun circulating our board game collection. Because of the odd size variations of all the games, as well as space limitations, we created a display for patrons to peruse the game selection.

library board game collection

All of our games can be viewed in this notebook, which describes the game, player count, and appropriate age, alongside its picture. At the bottom is a small sleeve with a laminated card inside for patrons to take to the front desk to check out the game. The circulation desk clerk will retrieve the game (color coded to be found easier) from the closet for the patron.

library board game box

All of the games have been taken out of their original boxes and placed in a more durable plastic container. One the outside is the barcode and a description of the contents. This list (and clear box) will help the circ desk determine if everything is in place when the game is returned.

library circulating card game box

We have three different sizes of boxes to store the games. Card games are in the smallest containers.

library board game closet

The color coding on the check out cards match the sizing system, which are then placed in alphabetical order in the closet.

library board game display

Since we were getting rid of the original game boxes anyway, we decided to use them for the display. We stuck two cardboard boxes together, and covered them in cut up game board covers. I used a hot glue gun for this. I gave extra attention to edges, and outlined every individual game board with the hot glue gun. Once it was finished, I sprayed it with Mod Podge sealer. The top is a foam display board covered in yellow bulletin board paper with letters cut out on the Cricut (font is Comix Heavy). For the Board Game letters, my boss made a collage out of the images he had on his computer of the game boards, and I printed that out to cut out my letters on.

library board game flyer

Games can be checked out one per card, for one week.

one game for one week

Edit: I had to add that last bit of information to the display

bored check out a board game

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