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Unicorn Mini Flower Pots

unicorn flower pot craft library flyer

I found this cute little unicorn flower pot craft at Easy Peasy and Fun.

unicorn library craft

And I already had everything but the flower pots--and I found some easily on Oriental Trading that were already white so I didn't have to paint them. I precut the horns and flower out of cardstock. I had plenty of Prima Flowers already, and I also got out my supply of rhinestones, sequins, and pompoms that could be added. The eyes are just drawn on with a Sharpie. Everything was set out with hot glue guns and some easy instructions, and patrons were left to it.

unicorn flower pot

I also purchased some potting soil and pansy seeds to fill the pots once we were done decorating them. It was fun to see all the variations the kids came up with. They were all so cute!

I had also considered these Frida Kahlo and Harry Potter flower pots, but decided to stick with just one.


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