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Art Book Display

art book display

Book display for children's art books

be smart, make art

Be smart, make art! Ellison cut outs with a Einstein portrait by Jos Coufreur print out.

art display backdrop

I also used the poster printer to print out famous artworks to put in the back of the bookshelves.

children's art book display

children's art display shelf

Now for some books...from the children's collection, I used art instruction books, artist biographies, and stories based on artwork or artists.

library book display for art books

I considered covering one end in white bulletin board paper and hanging a crayon or two from the top of the bookshelf to let the kids doodle on, but I was too worried about the potential damage a crayon and an invitation would render to the rest of the room.

paint set display

I made this paint set for the side of the bookshelf. The paint is a rectangle of white bulletin board paper, with circles of construction paper glued on. The paintbrush is a broom in a poster tube perched on Command strips. I got the idea from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke.

broom paintbrush tutorial

I bought a cheap broom from Walmart. I cut the end at an angle, and took out the weaving.

giant paintbrush diy

Spray painted it black. I also bought a 2 x 36 in poster tube from Staples and spray painted it red.

broom paintbrush tutorial

I folded some tin foil for the base of the broom. To assemble, I stuck the broom handle in the poster tube and hot glued the ends so they wouldn't move around. I also stuffed the tube with some kraft paper to further secure it.

giant paintbrush diy

Voilà, giant paintbrush.

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