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Egg People

egg people library flyer

I have wanted to do an Easter egg decorating activity with plastic eggs and no dye for a while. I stumbled upon some very cute Egg People printables from Mr. Printables and realized that was my ticket for an egg decorating library event.

egg people printables

I found lots of cute printable egg decorations (and cars!) online for free. I uploaded them all to the library's Cricut, and spent a day printing them on cardstock and cutting them. Here's a round up:

Create Craft Love Superhero Printables (Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman....)

Fun.Com Star Wars Egg Printables (with Millennium Falcon!)

Sew Year Circus Eggs (lion, clown, ringleader, dancer)

Picklebums Hats and Faces (pirate hat, chef hat, bunny whiskers, sunglasses)

Sweet Paul Hats (bunny ears, crown, party hat)

And I didn't use these for my event, but a couple more options I looked at, all from Simple Everyday Mom:

star wars easter eggs

I divided the cut outs between the tables, and set up hot glue guns and markers with some plastic eggs:

egg decorating library program

I put together a few examples, but for the most part, everything (hats, holders, cars) I let the kids assemble.

egg people instructions

They were pretty fun, and several parents/adults got in on making them too.

cirucs easter eggs

han solo easter egg

easter egg cars

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