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Movie Adaptation Book Display

movie book display

This month's book display theme is Books that Were Made into Movies.

if you liked the movie you'll love the book

If you liked the movie, you'll LOVE the book! Font is Bodoni-Poster.

book display side movie posters

On the sides, I printed out movie posters and backed them with black bulletin board paper. I created "lights" to go around them with yellow construction paper circles.

book movie posters

I tried to use recent-ish movies that I knew we had the book for. There weren't any big ones coming up this month, unfortunately.

makeshift current rod

The red curtains were from an old puppet theatre we had put together a few years ago. To hang them on the bookcase, I hung a dowel rod with Command strips.

movie book display tutorial

I had to use two separate dowel rods for each side of the bookcase. Once I had the curtains on, they bowed some, but it was alright since the remaining curtains I used to hang over the top.

library book display tutorial

Like so. I also lined the inside and shelves with black bulletin board paper.

movie adaptation book display

Book selections...

books that became movies display

You could also include any number of comic books, Pokemon books, or Lego build books.

library book display movies

I originally intended to make a clapperboard out of cardboard for the top (maybe a movie reel too), and use a plastic popcorn tub on the shelf (maybe filled with yellow flowers?) buuuut I ran out of time.

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