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Galaxy Slime

library slime flyer

I put off the slime craze for as long as I could. In fear of the mess and the crowd, but also because I have no slime experience and I have never been a fan. Buuut I finally broke down and did a slime making event for our Summer Reading Program.

galaxy slime summer reading program

I used STEAMsational's foolproof galaxy slime recipe (and their instructions and images for the program), which was 1 part glue, 1 part liquid starch, 1 part water. It was simple enough and turned out well.

I prepped each table with pre-measured ingredients and gave them the following instructions:

I had intended to have each table work together on the slime, then each child take a handful of the mixture to take home. But that did not happen. It turned into each child or family needed their own 3 bowls, ending up with huge bags of slime and not enough ingredients to go around.

All in all, this certainly didn't turn me into a fan, but I wouldn't mind doing slime again (maybe outside next time?) but no mixing of colors and no glitter, because it really didn't show up well.

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