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Stranger Things Watch Party

stranger things watch party

I wanted to do a Stranger Things event at the library when Season 2 came out, but it was around Halloween, and the only busier time for me is Summer Reading. So I skipped it. Then Season 3 came July, right smack dab in the middle of Summer Reading. So I just decided to have a Stranger Things Watch Party at my house with a few friends.

I cut out the alphabet letters with my Cricut using the TrashHand font and taped them to my wall. I attached the lights with Command hooks.

demogorgon pinata

I got the idea for a demogorgon pinata from Jolly and Happy. I used the poster printer to make a template for the shape and then I cut two of them (for both sides of the demogorgon) out of a large box.

I used thinner, more flexible cardboard cut into long strips to hot glue around the outside.

demogorgon pinata inside

I filled the inside with confetti and Stranger Things badges that I made.

stranger things badges

I made a bunch'a these.

demogorgon pinata diy

We used a baseball bat, Steve's weapon of choice, to hit it.

stranger things bunting

I also found these cute cartoon illustrations of the characters on ClipArtMag and made a bunting decoration with them.

stranger things party decorations

I ran out of room for Joyce and Hopper but I'd never get rid of Barb!

Stranger Things waffle bar

We also had an Eggo waffle bar, which I didn't get a pretty picture of. But our toppings included blueberries, pecans, bacon bits, chocolate and peanut butter chips, syrup, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, salted Caramel, ad whipped cream. A friend brought fried chicken, another brought pizza, another brought brownies, and another brought popcorn. So we had plenty to eat.

The aftermath of the pinata. I had to bust out my giant confetti poppers to use with all that confetti.

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