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Make Your Own Kaleidoscopes

diy kaleidoscope library craft

Another craft for our Summer Reading Program was kaleidoscopes. These were kits from S&S Worldwide, with added washi tape, markers, beads and sequins from our craft closet.

patriotic kaleidoscope

I went with a patriotic theme for my example kaleidoscope. One thing I like about these kits is that they come with 25, so you can do your example and still have an even two dozen.

kaleidoscope craft table

I like these kits but they do take some prep work. Since I knew I would likely have smaller kids coming to this event, some steps (like folding the acetate paper into a triangle and taping it together) would be hard for them. So I pre-assembled a lot of the steps beforehand. That also enabled me to use a hot glue gun on each of them, instead of the tape that came with the kit (which definitely would not cut it).

beads and tape

In fact, I didn't use the tape that came with the kits at all, and instead put out washi tape. I also added beads and sequins to the beads that came with the kit.

make your own kaleidoscope instructions

After simplifying the process, I made these instructions for each table.

4th of july kaleidoscope

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