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Jack and the Beanstalk Story & Beanstalk Growing Kits

jack and the beanstalk beanstalk growing kit

This was our first To Go Kit to kick off our 2020 Summer Reading Program. I first saw the idea as an image on Pinterest--there are lots, and all the ones I clicked were dead links (including the one I borrowed the image used in the above flyer). Here's what we were able to come up with....

jack and the beanstalk to go kits

Each bag included 5 Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (in a little bag labeled "Magic Beans," potting soil (enough to fill the cup about 3/4 full), a plastic cup, a wooden dowel, a castle cut out (done on yellow cardstock on a Cricut), a blue cloud cutout (done on blue cardstock on the Cricut), 2 cottons balls, instructions, and a printed story of Jack and The Beanstalk by Miles Kelly, which I found available as a free pdf at

Since we did it as a To Go activity, we used Ziploc bags. I used the small 2x3 inch bags (from the jewelry section) for the beans, sandwich bags for the dirt, and a gallon bag to put it all in.

jack and the beanstalk library kit

Here's one I did at home to see if it'd work. They sprouted quickly! I guided it a little to wrap around the pole but it didn't take much.

magic beans

I used the Peralta font and some fun scissors for the labeled, which I then hot glued onto the bags. I purchased the Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans at Walmart, a Ferry-Morse Value Size. I made about 65 Kits and it only took 2 bags of the Value Size (priced at $3.74 each).

castle cut out

I modified a free castle image I found online into this, which I sized at 5.348"W x 5.016"H.

jack and the beanstalk to go kit instructions

Here are the Instructions included with the kits. Click here for a PDF of the Kit labels and instructions.

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