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Early Lit Summer Reading Kits

apple stem letters kit

We didn't do a lot of To Go Kits for the Early Childhood aspect of Summer Reading, but one we did include was the Apple Stem Letters found in The Land of Heroes: Write.

While the originial activity called for 24 red paper plates, that was a bit more than we could manage. So we put 3 in the kit (with 2 black pipe cleaners) and added to the instructions that caregivers could cover the surface with cling wrap and write the letter with a marker on top of that, so they could reuse the plates for different letters.

find the bells to go kit

We also made To Go Kits for the Babies unit, for the Find the Bells activity in The Land of Littles: Play. All that was included in this kit was a 6" piece of ribbon and 3 jingle bells.

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