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Fire Breathing Dragons and Catapult Kits

knights and dragons week to go kits

This week's theme is Knights and Dragons, with a To Go Kits for a Fire Breathing Dragon (more suited for younger children) and a Pom Pom Catapult (more suited for older children).

fire breathing dragon to go kit

The Fire Breathing Dragon craft was an idea from the CSLP Manual, with a link to One Little Project's original craft (which I borrowed the picture from for the instructions).

Included in the kit was everything needed to make the dragons, except for scissors and glue/tape.I cut green construction paper in halves for the kits, and cut out 6 streamers (3 red, 3 yellow, 3 oranges) about 6" long.

catapult kit

The Catapult Kits were purchased from S&S Worldwide, and very neatly prepackaged. They even include pom poms and a pack of markers (I included 1 marker per kit). So all I had to do was make a label and make copies of the instructions to assemble each bag.

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