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Tales Around the World Kits

tales around the world kits

This week's To Go Kits feature 3 crafts from our Tales Around the World component of the Summer Reading Program.

elephant nose craft

For younger kids, we did this Elephant's Nose craft, to go along with the Indian Folktale of the same name. In Beanstack, we linked to this video of the story and provided instructions for the craft to do at home.

the elephant's nose to go kits

Our To Go Kits for the Elephant's Nose included a print out of the tale from KidsGen, instructions, and all necessary materials. I made a step-by-step picture of the tutorial, inspired by this video, that you can find here.

annansi and turtle to go kits

The idea for the Anansi and Turtle African Folk Tale Craft came from Layers of Learning. On Beanstack, with the instructions, we included this video of an oral telling of the story, but in the kits, we used this pdf from AfricanStorybook.

rainstick kits

The Rainstick Kits were purchased from S&S (though they were a real chore to divide up!) and were kind of an afterthought. Our original activity on Beanstack was "Rainforest Stories" with links to The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K. Mitchell and Nature’s Green Umbrella by Gail Gibbons, followed by a link to take a virtual tour of the rainforest. Once I saw these kits, though, (in packs of 24!) we bought them and added a Make Your Own Rainstick to the activity.

There are plenty of ideas to Make Your Own Rainstick at home, but we used this one found at NASA Climate Kids for Beanstack. We also included a print out of the "Dealing With Weather the Old Fashioned Way" section in our To Go Kits.

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