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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Kits

outdoor scavenger hunt kits

This summer we are circulating Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Kits. These kits include everything patrons need for a family scavenger hunt, including Animal and Plant Scavenger Hunt checklists, a nature-themed book, child binoculars, compass, and ideas for conversations and open-ended questions for caregivers and children. Everything is stored in a plastic storage clipboard that can be taken on the scavenger hunt. Also included is a Bug Finding Kit with tweezers, scoop, net, case, mini flashlight and magnifying glass. We had little plastic jars for the Bug Finding Kits, but they wouldn't fit inside the little orange lunchbox so we used the rectangular plastic container instead. We used a clip hook to attach the lunchbox to the clipboards, and the clipboards have the bar code attached to them.

scavenger hunt flyer

We got some very cute pictures/feedback from kids using these kits. I expect them to come back dirty and I'm not sure if they'll make it to next summer, but they have been a success so far.

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