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Dragons and Unicorns To Go Kits

dragons and unicorns to go kits

This week's Summer Reading To Go Kits feature Unicorns and Dragons! Kits include a Rainbow Mobile, 3D Mini Unicorn, and a Dragon Gizmo.

dragon gizmo kit

The Dragon Gizmo came from S&S Worldwide. It included the brads, which was helpful. In order to fit it in a gallon Ziploc bag, I had to punch out the shapes. I went ahead and numbered them in pencil, small in the corner, to coordinate with the instructions.

unicorn mini

The Mini Foam Unicorns were from Oriental Trading, found by one of our Children's Librarians. I loved them so much I kept one for my desk! Pretty straightforward, color and assemble. Just say the word unicorn and little girls come running.

The Rainbow Mobiles came from S&S Worldwide. I had intended them to be for younger children, but they looked to be a little tricky to put together and ended up being more appropriate for kids a little older. Cute, nonetheless.

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