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The Science of Superpowers

science of superpowers

This week's Summer Reading To Go Kits feature The Science of Superpowers. Kits include Superhero Magic Scratch Art, Build a Boomerang, and Lava Lamp Science Experiment.

lava lamp to go kits

The Lava Lamp Science Experiment (Generate lava like Magma!) was definitely the most popular. There are several tutorials and videos online, but we made most use of HomeScienceTools. I purchased plastic "dressing bottles" on Amazon and pre-filled them most of the way with vegetable oil, and added a few drops of red food coloring.

lava lamp

I wanted for the kids to be able to do that part themselves, but I couldn't figure out a way to manage it in the "To Go Kit" format. At any rate, I'm sure parents appreciated the lack of mess this way. All that was left was to add water, shake, break up Alka-Seltzer and throw that in.

lava lamp science experiment to go kit

Included in the kits was The Science Behind What Happened, a print out of HomeScienceTool's explanation.

magic scratch superheroes

The Magic Scratch Superheroes were from Oriental Trading.

boomerang to go kit

The Boomerang To Go Kits were from S&S Worldwide. They came with markers, so we were able to include one marker per kit.

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