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Greek Mythology To Go Kits

greek mythology to go kits flyer

Our final week of Summer Reading Program Craft Kits is Greek Mythology! Read the Greek myth of Medusa, then make a Medusa toilet paper roll craft. Explore constellations and the myths they are named after with Constellation Cards that let you shine stars on your walls. And make some Greek pottery scratch art of your own, like the ancient vases telling the stories of some of the most famous Greek myths!

medusa craft kit

The Medusa Toilet Paper Roll Craft came from DLTK's Crafts for Kids and with the print out of the Medusa story was a pdf I found that was taken from

greek pottery scratch art

The Greek Pottery Scratch Art was a purchase from S&S Worldwide. They were huge (14" x 12")! It came with a great educational handout about Greek Pottery.

constellation card library to go kit

The Constellation Cards are a fun idea from How Wee Learn.There are many other variations of this concept online, but I liked these because of the simple mythology story printed on each card. I included a handout with a more in-depth story of the featured constellations/myths, from Tulare County Office of Education.There are only 4 cards in each kit, so kids were challenged to find out more on their own through library resources.

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