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Homeschool Q & A Zoom Meeting

homeschool q & a library program

As part of our library's initiative to better serve a growing number of homeschoolers, we held a Homeschool Q & A Zoom Meeting. It was an opportunity for those who are new to or considering homeschooling to speak to some local homeschoolers and ask them any questions they might have.

I reached out to a local Homeschool Facebook Group and found 3 homeschool parents who were willing to serve as a panel to answer questions, one of which was an an administrator of a local co-op group.

Some questions that were addressed were:

  • Can you talk a little about homeschool law in Kentucky?

  • Is homeschooling expensive? What are some costs involved?

  • How do you keep kids focused on their school-work at home?

  • How do you set pacing for your child's schoolwork?

  • Do homeschoolers have to take standardized tests?

  • How do you choose your curriculum?

  • How do you give your homeschooled kids opportunities to socialize with others?

  • If someone decides to start homeschooling after having their child attend public school for a while, how can you help that child make the transition from public school to homeschool?

  • Can you talk more about local co-ops?

  • What resources are available for homeschooling a child with special needs?

The meeting lasted about an hour and was very informative.

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