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Financial Literacy

During the month of September, we utilized one of Beanstack's Challenge Templates and did a Financial Literacy Challenge for Teens and Adults. Both Financial Literacy Challenges are self-paced and can be completed in any order, allowing patrons to explore topics that best meet their personal needs.

The Financial Literacy Challenge (Adults) explores tools, apps, and information on Budgeting, Community, Debt, Frugality, Good Habits, Happiness, Investing, and Saving & Automation. Here is a basic outline:


-Creating a Simple Budget


-Tips to Creating a Budget


-The Necessity of Community

-What are some ways you can give back to your community? How can your community help you and/or your family?

-Talking about Money with Friends and Family


-Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche

-You May Be Broke But Not Broken

-Suze Orman Resources - Managing Debt


-Why Frugality is an Important Part of Personal Finance

-What are 5 items you regularly spend money on that you could eliminate from your expenses?


Good Habits

-4 Ways My Money Mindset Changed My Daily Habits

-Staying Focused in an Age of Distraction

-Could Mindful Spending Increase Your Happiness?


-Study on the Happiness and the Lottery

-Why Experiences are Better Than Things


-The Power of Investing in Yourself


-Socially Responsible Investing

Saving & Automation

-What is an Emergency Fund?

-Automating Your Finances

-The 'Google Maps for Money' The Financial Literacy Challenge (Grades 6-12) is a more simplified version, designed to help teens get a grasp on financial concepts. In addition to the topics covered in the Adult Challenge, it also explores the financial aspects of College, Making Money, and Saving.


-Bugeting for Teens

-List 3 needs/3 wants


-Tips for Saving for College as a Teen

-Student Loans-What to Know


-Alternatives to Donating Money

-What are some ways you can give back to your community? How can your community help you and/or your family?


-Frugal Living

-Write about one thing in your life that you can reduce, one thing you can reuse, and something you can recycle.

Good Habits

-Money Lessons Our Parents Learned

-Experiment! Take two pieces of candy or a snack and place them in front of you. Eat the first one. Then, try to wait 15 minutes before eating the next one. Can you do it? Tell us about what you observed and how it relates to making good money choices.


-What are 3 things you are grateful for today? How can you practice gratitude every day?

-Success Isn't About Money

Making Money

-How To Make Money (For Teens)

-Online Jobs for Teens


-Saving Tricks

-What are 3 things or experiences that you would like to save for in the future?

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