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Kentucky Bigfoot Presentation

kentucky bigfoot presentation flyer

We hosted a Facebook Live presentation with Charlie Raymond, founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization, where he discussed the latest audio, video, and photographs from his research on Bigfoots in Kentucky. We had an extremely good response and Charlie did a great job, even taking some time once the Live video ended to go through the comments and respond individually to comments/questions. He had no qualms with letting us keep the recorded video on our page for later viewers.

To do a Facebook Live from the library page, I sent Charlie our stream key for him to use through OBS. Once it came time for the presentation to begin, all I had to do was allow his stream to go live. It was my first time doing a Live that way and I'll definitely utilize it again. Very easy.

From his bio: Charlie has been researching Bigfoots in Kentucky for almost three decades and has documented well over 300 encounters. As a passionate boots-on-the-ground researcher, he has led numerous private and public investigations, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and evidence in the process. Charlie has appeared on The Animal Planet, The History Channel and The BBC. Recently he published his first book, Bluegrass Bigfoot: Encounters With The Kentucky Wildman.

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